Sunday, May 24, 2009

I got to see X-Men Origins yesterday. Actually thought we were going to see Star Trek but it was sold out. Looks like plenty of other folks had the same idea. I had wanted to see Wolverine too so I was happy with a last minute substitute.

Like the other X-Men movie offerings, Wolverine gathers all manner of various and sundry characters in the Marvel Universe and puts them all together hoping that they will all blend and make the movie great. Some of the characters are kids, some are adults. Characters introduced in the 80’s and 90’s appear with older, original characters. The more I watch the Marvel movies the more convinced I am that they occur in a universe separate from any of the comics. Sure it’s completely geeky, but it helps me to overlook inconsistencies with some of the Marvel comics. But really characters are re-written all the time. The movies aren’t any different.

Still, I liked seeing Gambit, a long time favorite character of mine. Though I was a little disappointed that his Cajun accent was so thin.

Really though no matter how bad these X-Men movies get, though this wasn’t terrible at all, I will probably still watch them.

This one has probably pissed all the fan boys off already. There are a lot of characters who will be confusing for the rest of us.  I spent a good couple hours just looking them all up. I’m sorry I don’t know every single Marvel character by heart.

A small note about the “bone claws”. I had always thought the claws were installed, not part of Logan’s mutant power. If they were already there and bony as shown in the movie they would have still have been bony looking but with a metal finish. Anyway, minor details really.

The good part is that as unbelievable as Wolverine is as a character, Hugh Jackman is still as believable as ever as Wolverine. 

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