Friday, September 02, 2011
Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

I got some bad news that Twinings had changed my hot beverage of choice, Earl Grey, for a new more citrusy, recipe. In my usual attempt not to pre-judge I remained cautiously pessimistic. I dont like to drink other flavors of tea. I dont like other brands of tea. Though the Harrod’s tea I bought was a close second.

But as it turned out. Twinings only took a few short days to backpedal on their revolution and agree to sell Classic Coke Earl Grey. For this I am grateful. Honestly though I think a lot of pain and negative PR (no such thing?) could have been avoided if they had simply named the new blend anything other than Earl Grey. It could even be something like Citrus Grey. Although that sounds more like a cleaning product.

So all’s well that ends well and other names of Shakespeare plays. I am happy that I can get my 181 year old recipe Earl Grey. I’m sure Patrick Stewart is also breathing a sigh of relief.

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