Friday, July 30, 2010
Smoothie Recipe

Each time I make a smoothie it is a little bit different. Bur some things I have noticed help a lot as far as getting the consistency the way I like it and the taste interesting and bright.

I have illustrations! That makes everything better, right?

Ahead of time I use filtered water to make my ice cube in a tray. Good water in, better tasting ice. That’s what I like.

Fill the bottom fifth of the blender with ice.

Don’t attempt to fill the top fifth of the blender, that is strictly for professionals.


Then cover the ice with juice.


It could be any type of juice or liquid. If it covers the ice, it will blend evenly and quickly. Blend those two ingredients now.

Initial Blend

Add two bananas.


Blend them now.

Including Bananas

Now add fruit. Today I have blueberries. I like to wash them in the sink before adding. Almost any kind of fruit serves here.


Now blend these.

Blueberries in there

Add Yogurt. I use like um half a cup or so.


and blend again.

Yogurt in there

Lately I have been adding a spoonful of Coco Lopez. I did not have any so I used a shot of Coconut Toriani. It is not as good but it is nice to have some coconut flavor in there.


It probably is sweet enough already but sometimes I add honey.


Blend once more and serve with a straw.



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