Friday, January 09, 2009
Marianne Faithfull

My friend was asking me a question today and I was unable to answer before they had to leave.

I thought it was appropriate to answer it here.

What do you do with how you feel about her and does it make you unfaithful to have feelings for an ex when you are extreamly happy in your current situtation.

Firstly I apologize for Rickrolling any of you who bothered to click on the link in the previous post.

So to the first part the of the question. What do I do for my feelings for my Ex? This, I am realizing as I get older is really simple. I care about her just as much as I ever did. I love her and mostly I want her to be happy. What I do with that is tell them I am their friend. Offer to help them in any way that I can and that’s it. Really what more can you do for a person?

Does that make me unfaithful? No. I don’t think so. I’m not keeping secrets from Mrs. Mice I don’t really think a feeling equates to unfaithfulness. I don’t think there are any bad feelings. Really just how I choose to act on my feelings.

I am not advocating being noble nor saying that I am in any way. Really I am just saying be kind to your partner. Don’t torture them. Love them and ask them what you can do for them and do it. Be friends with your Exes. Well maybe not immediately after, but after time its OK.

So that is my answer. Don’t dismiss your feelings. Act with respect to your spouse. Love your spouse and do what they ask.

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