Monday, March 12, 2012


Well after much packing and unpacking i finally had my bags together.  Had my passport, visa, shots. I had liquids and gels in TSA compliant amounts.  Took off for the airport well in advance of my take-off time. Very nice of my wife to not only drive me to the airport but to walk me to the security line as well. Leaving is bad but if there is a good side its that it makes me appreciate Mrs. Mice.

The flight to Frankfurt was long but on the upside we had those on demand in seat entertainment systems. I watched all of Aliens v Cowboys which was tolerable and most of Anonymous which was pretty cool. I slept some but I really was not keeping track of what time it was or what time it was in Frankfurt or what. I didn’t even have time to go to the restroom before I had to board my flight to Bengaluru. Though fewer hours in the air the second leg of the flight seemed much longer. Was it because there was no on -demand movies? Was it because I had less space to stretch my legs? I tried and succeeded in sleeping at least part of the time. We landed in Bangalore at 2am local time. Wow was still kinda warm and very muggy. Was very much like Florida weather. Our driver met us at the airport with a printed sign with our names. One hour drive and we were at our hotel.

It was clear when we arrived that this was a nice hotel. First thing when arriving an employee greets me with a warm Namaste. Ha ha so awesome. I feel very welcome. I must be in the right place.

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