Sunday, March 01, 2009
Wondercon 2009

I went to my first convention ever yesterday, Saturday, and it was fun. I got some Plastic Man comics, some Captian Marvel and one Star Wars comic. All these from the seventies. When miceland was a newly formed nation and reading comics for the first time.

I had found a short stack of the afformentioned before noon. And so I went exploring.

I saw Erin Gray. How cool is that? She was very nice. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was a rad show and Erin was one of the best parts of that. I lamented her having to play second fiddle to “Hawk”. We loved to make fun of Hawk.

Erin Gray

I also got to see Chase “Leeta” Masterson. Super hot and very nice. I asked her if there were any rules to Dabo other than just shouting DABO! Yes, my suspicious were well founded. Just the shouting, that’s enough for TV. She did mention its a little like roulette which seems what the game is based on. I made a donation to her aid to troops charity in exchange for a photo. I paid in tip money from the chocolate booth and she laughed and asked if I was a stripper. My first thought would have been Waiter or Barrister but I guess that someone thought I could be a stripper us a distinct complement. Anyway it was fun and nice.

Chase Masterson

I got to go to the new Star Trek movie panel including trailer. The trailer was mind blowing. Listening to J.J. Abrams and some of the cast made me excited to see the movie. Looks really good. They really know how to get me riled up. Of course I was already read to see this movie so it did not take much to get me riled up about this. I also got to see footage from UP! and Terminator: Salvation. Both seemed great. I did not see The Watchmen thing but I do intend on seeing this movie when it comes out.

Star Trek 2009 Panel

This I just happened on and it made me laugh. I wonder how much Katamari Damacy this guy has played. Probably lots.

Katamai Damacy and Krunker

Lastly, I saw Dr. Zira. She even made a scrunchy nose face.


That’s it for now. I had fun.

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