Sunday, June 29, 2008
Will You Still Have a Song to Sing?

It has been a while since I was here. I think pretty much everyone has abandoned all hope of getting any updates on my life and what I am doing. Posts lately when they have come at all have been cryptic.

My life has been trying lately. No not trying like I am trying to do something, but trying as in trying and difficult. I think in some ways I have been embarassed to show my face around here. Things haven’t been perfect and I didn’t want to whine and complain. Why? Becuase I hate complaining and even more than that, hearing myself complain.

Complaints are like vomit. They are disgusting and you feel them wrethcing up out from your gut and past a ceartin point there is no use in trying to keep them down.

I think we are at that point now. When I say we I mean me. There is nothing Royal about me lately other than Royal pain in the butt, or maybe Royale with Cheese.

No more living in posh San Ramon. We sold our house. It was a shame but I was back there yesterday and some of the houses were still on sale that were on the market before ours. We are f---ed but those guys, chances are they are double f---ed with double cheese. Yikes.

Yes, we have a place to live for now. My family spent a month with my parents. That was really hard for everyone. It was very generous of my parents to endure us. It was tough though. It was tough trying to be a dad with my mom there, well meaning as she was.

Now our downstairs neighbor complains if we make any noise past 9pm. Who goes to sleep at 9pm? And how is it that we are so loud and somehow he sleeps right through the trains running past our place every two hours? I feel safe asking these questions since no one reads thing thing any more.  It’s official. I’m talking to myself.

I got to go to a Nascar event last weekend. I know what you are thinking. I thought to myself, *I don’t fit in with these dudes. I’m nothing like them*. Well actually I didn’t think that at all. I really enjoyed the event. I thought the guys I went with were great and I would go again given the chance. I mean Nascar fans are very salt of the Earth folks. But they weren’t mean to me or anything. The whole thing was a lot of fun. I don’t think I was trying to pass as a hick or anything either. I told them my name was mice. I wouldn’t chew tobacco becuase I find it disgusting, nor did I smoke any, not becuase I find cigars disgusting, but just becuase I don’t even know how to smoke and I didn’t want to start then.

Lately I have been moving between worlds and I want to enjoy all kinds of people, regardless if they “rednecks” whatever the h*ll that means, or liberals. I was in case you don’t know me when I was in college a painfully liberal guy. Being a dad has changed that somewhat for me. Really though I don’t think a single idology or party can fully represnt me any longer. I think about things and I try and make decisions in my own life that will be best for my family and the most amount of people possible. God knows what that makes me now, probably a nothing-a-tarian. Maybe I’m a Humanitarian since I eat humans.



How do you like my diptych? The top image is a thistle I had to snap when I was walking back to the car on out 2 or 3 mile hike at the Nascar event. The below are the nasty gas station silk-like flowers reserved for thoughtless boyfriends who think this will soften the blow one their girlfriends find out they have been cheating. Or so I say.

More later. For reals.

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