Saturday, January 31, 2009
Say Hi To Your Mother For Me Donkey

Well I have an appointment to get fixed next month. Should I be talking about that? I think that if you are one of the few still reading this blog after all this time then nothing will shock you.

I am having some very mixed feelings about the whole procedure. Its not that I am afraid of the pain. I’m sure it will be painful, I don’t really care. Do I feel like somehow my life will change so much that I might get divorced and somehow get married again to another woman who wants kids? I can’t really see that happening. I think its more likely that there will be some sort of Children of Men apocolypse and I will regret not being able to have kids due to my lack of clairvoyance about the future.

I love my kids. But really we could not handle any more kids. We can barely handle the kids that we do have.

Mostly I am just feeling somewhat melancholy as it is the self-imposed end of my reproductive cycle. Ah well. Say hi to your mother for me Donkey.

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