Thursday, December 11, 2008
Officially and Actually

Well you may or may not know that I have a couple other blogs other than this one. My intention was to segregate different parts of my life. That way different readers would not have to view different aspects of my life that didn’t especially pertain to them.

I am officially calling that experiment a failure as of today.

An old friend sent me an email today asking if I split up from Mrs. Mice since I had moved and when they looked they didn’t see any mention of her here on Miceland. Uh oh. This is not a good sign. Really this compartmentalization attempt is to blame. For the record Mrs. mice is doing well. She is sewing as furiously as she can every free moment she has. This weekend we are hoping that everyone’s Dickens costume will be ready and we can take our Christmas card picture at Dickens as we have in years past.

So officially and actually Mrs. mice and I are still together. We have been married 7 years and will be married until I am taking my eternal repose and beyond.  Just so youse all knows. She is the best wife a person could have and all you bachelor boys and cheaters will have to look elsewhere for your attentions.

As for me there is a lady at fair who keeps flirting with me by handing me corney lines. I must say it only serves to make me unhappy and uncomfortable. Another friend explained she does this because I am “safe” and she doesn’t really want me. Hmm. Not sure which is more offensive, getting fed lines in the hope of making it with me or being considered safe and incapable of doing or feeling anything since I am married or old or ugly or whatever reason that I am so safe.

Please don’t assume for any reason that I am safe. I will be forced to prove you wrong and then everyone will be miserable and crying on the curb.

Be careful of all the broken bottles,

More later.

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