Thursday, August 07, 2008
Lost Wages

I was invited to a good friend’s bachelor party last weekend. It was pretty ironic how it happened.

One of my good friends was telling me that she, yes, she was going to the bachelor party and what they had scheduled. I said to her. “I am jealous. I wish I was going.”

Well it wasn’t more than 4 hours before I got an email from the bachelor himself, asking if I could go. Nice! I wasn’t originally invited, and that meant some last minute scrambling, but yea, I was going to get to go. The idea of going to all these Vegas shows seemed a little sketchy to me. If this is a bachelor party, where is the naked giyalz? Where was the wanton? Where was the abandon? Were we going to be able to be guys if there was a giyal in our party?

I flew in and the flight was over before it began. I am getting to love the Southwest Airlines. The pilot told be the temp as they always do, “a balmy 108 degrees”. I thought surely he must be joking. But no, it really was 108 getting off the plane. Amazing. I met up with the bach and the giyal sitting in Quark’s bar. I know what you are thinking, my friend is Andorian? No I wish, we didn’t see her until much later. So I was just about to order a drink when the best man showed up and it was time to go. The Romulan Ale would have to wait. I promised myself I would get some just as I promised myself we would get to a gentleman’s club - but more on that later.

We decided we wanted to drink at Quark’s so we had this thing called a “Warp Core Breach” at this point part of me is screaming this is gooberific. But much quieter an other part of is smiling “Yes but you love it”. So this Warp Core Breach looked red, tasted like an Otter Pop and was huge like a fishbowl. It had dry ice in it filling up all the free space in the fishbowl making me thing of Picard drawing a smiley face in the same in the TNG episode Timescape I did get a little altered from that. The Romulan Ale would have to wait.

Slowly everyone started to arrive and the first night we were to see Zumanity. Before I was thinking that this was such a uncharacteristic thing to do on a Bachelor party. I was skeptical, and I wasn’t totally thrilled with the whole Cirque du Soleil thing in the first place. Wow I don’t think I could have been more wrong. It was really incredibly sexy and very appropriate way to start off our weekend of fun. There were a couple parts in the show that would have been nicer had I been with my wife and not walled in all sides by dudes. But oh well. The only way I can describe it is Adult Cirque du Soleil. As in semi-pervy. But it really was great and the comedy part of the act really was so sweet that everything came out alright. Luckily the comedy was funny and as far as I could tell did not involve clowns as I loathe clowns.

I think after that we went to a club in the Tropicana. I think we were hoping from something like Forbidden Island, but trust me it was not. There was some mention that I was not drinking enough or partying hard enough at that time but I am too old to worry about such talk. Besides I was still a little headache-y from the drink at Quark’s. I went to bed and had the room to myself. I stupidly had the TV on and that always keeps me up late.

The next morning I was up early. I had breakfast with my good friend by hijacking his breakfast plans with the giyal. The giyal was sleeping in so I didn’t feel too bad. This was one of several times when I got to bond and have conversation with my friends. Definitely one of the better moments on the trip. So off to the Star Trek Experience. I was smiling the whole time. I prefer the Klingon experience but the Borg encounter was not terrible either. Its just very VOY and I’m not a big VOY fan, maybe you are. Regardless the whole kaboodle is being demolished, dismantled and dismoved in September. So it was good to see it while I could.

Pink Skin

I had gotten buy-in from everyone and I arranged to be picked up in a limo and taken to the Spearmint Rhino after the Penn and Teller show. I felt giddy that my scheming was working.

Penn and Teller was hilarious and amazing both. This thing they do with explaining the trick and at the same time still doing the trick (or sometimes another trick) is perfect. It is like Postmodernism, without the pomposity.

So we get in the limo to take us to Rhino It was great. It was crowded but we managed to find a single place to sit and expanded to fill the space until eventually everyone had a place to sit. Plenty of come-ons from fake blond girls which the bachelor quickly shut down. He was very good at that which made me happy. He seemed to have a good time but don’t worry he didn’t fall in love. The bachelor was attended to. Almost everyone got at least one dance. I found a very sweet dancer and everyone agreed she was the hottest, least fakey, nicest, and most likely to be asked, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?” I purposely had a single drink only, preferring to have my wits about me. I was glad that I did too. Overall it was a success, at least according to me.

Most folks left on Sunday and an handful stayed and watched a show on Sunday “Bite”. Very cheezy and silly but enjoyable like Playgirls and the Vampire only not as good.

Eventually it was time to go home and although there was an unaccounted for person on the flight which prevented us from taking off immediately, it was a quick and easy flight home. I got to look at the Kindle which I covet but that will have to wait possibly indefinitely.

Hope I didn’t reveal too much. More later,

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