Friday, July 04, 2008
Independence Day

I had a somewhat non-traditional but very nice July 4 today. I took DJSBR to go see Wauwl-E today. Its a beautiful movie and I am sure you have already seen it or it has been recommended to you than more critical persons than me. I did think I kinda enjoyed it more than DJSBR for three reasons.

One. DJ is unaccustomed to sitting still for 90 minutes in a stretch.
Two. There are a lot of over the kids heads references and jokes.
Three. Some parts of this movie were a little intense for a little kid.

Surprisingly, I did not consume any hot dogs today. I did watch a little of Chestnut winning the Nathan’s Fourth of July annual honorification of the eating far too much of doggies served hot. I am revolted and transfixed by competitive eating.

Instead there was a feast served here at château micelandia. Pork ribs, fried chicken, cherries, strawberries, mixed green salad, corn on the cob, and some apple pie à la mode.

Right now I am watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith whilst Mrs. Mice sleeps. Why? because its her movie. Its not really all that funny and its definitely not sexy.  They both deserve each other. I hope their marriage is better than this movie. I really do. What would you do if you woke up and everything you did or said was a cliche’? Yuck.

Hope your 4th was great.

More later,

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