Sunday, November 07, 2010

Most days I’m sure it is its own reason for being. I flirt therefore I am. Most days I love everything about it. Of course when I am doing my own safe, verbal badminton, version of flirting, its awesome. I feel, though I could be incorrect, that no one is being hurt. That it makes the recipient of the attention feel nice.

Now there is this one person who flirts with me. Or rather at me. I thought it was fine last year when I decided that it was all a play-act. That the person was merely pretending to be attracted to me. Today I found out that was incorrect. No audience, no one to care and I still got the directed sharp flirtation pointed at me.

Part of me is so very happy. So very very happy. I feel well I must still got “it”. Otherwise, no one would bother or care. Perhaps this would be easier.

I do wish instead of this directed flirting that the person would just be my friend, talk to me like a human being and not some weird object of desire. I don’t really see myself without arms, made of marble, standing on a pedestal. It looks damned uncomfortable.

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