Monday, April 21, 2008
Clan of Xymox

One of my favorite sisters (they are all my favorite) had a birthday recently and I was able to go to the not very surprise birthday party for her. The story of when my brother, my sister and I all went to go see Clan of Xymox play at The Berkeley Square. This must have been like 1985 or so. It was great that we were all able to go and I think it was like 15 bucks to get into this club. It must not have been a 21 and over club (or night) since I know none of us were.

The club was I remember pretty small and all three of us were all pretty close to pressed up to the stage. One of us, possibly the aforementioned sister communicated everything she needed to with one word - “Fremmen”.

We all laughed and agreed that they all were Fremmen. The had very blue blue eyes. Was it contacts or is that just how they make ‘em in the Netherlands? Their name then and now was Clan of Xymox so maybe they were in fact related? They were on the 4AD label with the Cocteau Twins (nothing like twins in the group) so that should been an early indicator that that was rubbish. There was no wikipeda to verify my suspicions either.

There are some photos of them in 1985 that I was able to find, but alas they are all in artsy black and white probably shot with an AE1. So no way to know if the original members were all blue eyed. In our minds they were and always will be Fremmen.

The kind of weird thing for me is that they seem very Goth now. I don’t remember them dressing very Goth, nor do I remember really relating to that ethos in 1985. I guess I thought they were “Alternative” whatever the hell that means. Those were good days. Happy Birthday sister.

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