Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Best Christmas Ever
Had a great Christmas with the extended mice family. GR and LE did the Christmas play. This year based on House of Usher. Yes, I realize it was a short story by Edgar Allen Poe first, but the Play had a distinctly Roger Corman feel to it. I got to play Rod or Roderick Usher. This is the part played by Vincent Price in the Corman version.

I didn't ask for anything but Santa got me some great presents. I really did not deserve anything but my wife must know that. I got Lord of the Rings paperbacks box set including the Hobbit, 2 Playstation games, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Hindi DVD, a Manga comic, a second Playstation controller, and lots of treats in my stocking.

We got our Kris Kringles GR and LE many GI Joes and Godzilla dolls plus a Gimli and Galadriel doll. There was much discussion over Thanksgiving as to the poor nature of Kris Kringle gift giving, so we wanted to make sure that we were up to par. They seemed pleased, so I guess we did. The best part was we at first gave them just pez and a mix disc, pretending that's all there was. The pez because once many years ago GR got pez as Christmas presents. The mix disc as that was one of the things GR was complaining about that passes for a Christmas present.

All the kids chipped in to get my Dad a Tivo with Direct TV. It has yet to be installed, so more on that later. I got my mom a Department 56 Snowy Hills Hospital which she appeared to like. Its the fourth year in a row she has recieved Department 56 sculpture.

Hope your Christmas was just as good.
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