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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Christmas Eve
It is Christmas Eve. I'm very excited. This year my family sponsored another family through the non-profit organization Shelter Inc. We got some information about the family members and what they might like for Christmas and mrs. mice and I went shopping for the oldest two of the four kids. Man, I wish I could be there to see if my gifts were good or sucky. I love giving gifts and I'm hoping their Christmas will be a magic one free of misery and sorrow.

I'm working today. But it is not that bad and I should be outta here shortly. Can't wait to hang out with Mom and Dad and all my siblings and my godson who is totally cute in the worst way. Happy Christmas everybody. Stay sane and don't drive into anything or anyone.

More Later.
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Sunday, December 22, 2002
Day Before the Night…
Its the day before the night before Christmas and I'm busy busy busy being good/ Its the day before the night before Christmas and I'm doing all the things that a good boy should/ I'm makin' up a list about ten pages long/ I'm on page ten now and still going strong

Those are the lyrics to a children's Christmas album I must have had when I was 10 or so. Scary that I still know the lyrics. But, not too surprising, given the number of times I listened to it.

I got to play Kingdom Hearts last night. This time I used the Official Strategy Guide that I purchased. I confess I am a cheater. When I play video games I prefer to use any cheat, trick, tip or hint I can possibly find. I don't like being stuck. I don't like impossibly hard games. They have a name for that its called real life.

How do you get the baby to stop crying?

I don't know where to enter the cheat code!!!!


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Saturday, December 21, 2002
LOTR Two Towers
Today I am on call. I volunteered to take the duty pager for all of Christmas and New Years. Am I a humbug? Certainly not. I just have some bills to pay. Plus I won't be traveling very far to visit my family. Its actually about a mile and a half to my parents house.

Anyway today we are going to try and see LOTR Two Towers. I know its the last weekend of Dickens' Christmas fair, but I don't feel like being paged to take care of a problem at Fair. Its a bloody hassle.

I am still struggling with the design of this page and hoping to get help from Josh.

More later.
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