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Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Made a trip to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. A place I loathe and love both at once. It is a place fraught with contradiction for me.

But instead of discussing all of that I would like to mention that there is a stand along the Boardwalk that sells a right and proper dole whip. That’s right. I said it. I don’t have to wait to be in Disneyland to get a Dole whip. As far as i can tell. It is identical in taste and texture. So awesome. I do have a real weakness for the whips, and Santa Cruz is not that far from me. Just as long as the traffic on 17 is not bad (which it almost always is except fro very late at night and even then someone is invariably riding on my bumper because i’m not going 80 miles per hour down twists and turns that usually have my knuckles white.)

in other beach boardwalk news, the haunted castle has been much improved. there are various rooms or areas with different divertemente creepy themes. please don’t misconstrue my praise. it still is truly horrid. i still cant stand it. but i do love it and it is easily my favorite attraction at the boardwalk.

i don’t like ferris wheels now it seems. same for the sky tram. my kids love them. me? no. nope. no thank you.

i do like sitting on the beach and reading. that is just fine. i like it even if its overcast. no problem. love seeing my sisters, nieces and nephews, parents. very nice.

i like making lattes, drinks, and other bartending-like duties. this is what a husband should do for his wife or significant other.

hope you all are having a similarly enjoyable summer.

Monday, November 15, 2010
Autumn in New York

Friday, March 05, 2010
I Can’t Wait

Here you go all you haters. Dig on this song which is now pretty much ancient history. I think Ann Boleyn was listening to this after her head was in the basket. How do I know? I am just that old.

No, I’m not speaking in code. I’m just weird.



Friday, January 09, 2009
Marianne Faithfull

My friend was asking me a question today and I was unable to answer before they had to leave.

I thought it was appropriate to answer it here.

What do you do with how you feel about her and does it make you unfaithful to have feelings for an ex when you are extreamly happy in your current situtation.

Firstly I apologize for Rickrolling any of you who bothered to click on the link in the previous post.

So to the first part the of the question. What do I do for my feelings for my Ex? This, I am realizing as I get older is really simple. I care about her just as much as I ever did. I love her and mostly I want her to be happy. What I do with that is tell them I am their friend. Offer to help them in any way that I can and that’s it. Really what more can you do for a person?

Does that make me unfaithful? No. I don’t think so. I’m not keeping secrets from Mrs. Mice I don’t really think a feeling equates to unfaithfulness. I don’t think there are any bad feelings. Really just how I choose to act on my feelings.

I am not advocating being noble nor saying that I am in any way. Really I am just saying be kind to your partner. Don’t torture them. Love them and ask them what you can do for them and do it. Be friends with your Exes. Well maybe not immediately after, but after time its OK.

So that is my answer. Don’t dismiss your feelings. Act with respect to your spouse. Love your spouse and do what they ask.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Selective Memory

I must have a selective memory.

I admit it. It might be OK if my memory was rose tinted. I might be so much happier if all I remembered were the good times.

Today a friend of mine told me that I kissed her.

I have no recollection of this kissing.

It seems to me when a pretty girl kisses you, you should remember this. Really the memory should be kept locked up and looked at once in a while when no one is looking. Like your treasure. Not a treasure like plastic Mardi Gras beads where you can drape yourself in them and parade around saying look at me, I’ve got treasure. You can’t have any of my treasure. A treasure like everyone is asleep and you drag it out from underneath your bed and you look it by the light of the moon, or maybe just the streetlight that is shining in your window.

Maybe I have convinced myself that it never happened to keep my mind uncluttered. *Cough* *cough* *Bullshit* *cough*

Well it does give me pause to wonder. What else have I forgotten?

I think this may be evidence that I am a jerk.

Well if I kissed you and forgot about it. I apologize. It won’t happen again.

Thursday, May 22, 2008
My Old Truck

My Old Truck

I saw my old vehicle the other day on the freeway and had to stalk them just a little. Most of the dents on the sides have been repaired. It looks better than ever. They still have not fixed the back bumper and the camper top is the same. It is definitely my old truck though.

The back bumper was pulled off by the previous owner when they fell asleep at the wheel driving across country.

I gave it to my brother and my brother sold it at a profit, the bastard.

Anyway, I am happy someone is loving it and driving it and fixing the dents. Any more work done on it and I won’t recognize it.

Monday, April 21, 2008
Clan of Xymox

One of my favorite sisters (they are all my favorite) had a birthday recently and I was able to go to the not very surprise birthday party for her. The story of when my brother, my sister and I all went to go see Clan of Xymox play at The Berkeley Square. This must have been like 1985 or so. It was great that we were all able to go and I think it was like 15 bucks to get into this club. It must not have been a 21 and over club (or night) since I know none of us were.

The club was I remember pretty small and all three of us were all pretty close to pressed up to the stage. One of us, possibly the aforementioned sister communicated everything she needed to with one word - “Fremmen”.

We all laughed and agreed that they all were Fremmen. The had very blue blue eyes. Was it contacts or is that just how they make ‘em in the Netherlands? Their name then and now was Clan of Xymox so maybe they were in fact related? They were on the 4AD label with the Cocteau Twins (nothing like twins in the group) so that should been an early indicator that that was rubbish. There was no wikipeda to verify my suspicions either.

There are some photos of them in 1985 that I was able to find, but alas they are all in artsy black and white probably shot with an AE1. So no way to know if the original members were all blue eyed. In our minds they were and always will be Fremmen.

The kind of weird thing for me is that they seem very Goth now. I don’t remember them dressing very Goth, nor do I remember really relating to that ethos in 1985. I guess I thought they were “Alternative” whatever the hell that means. Those were good days. Happy Birthday sister.

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