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Monday, March 12, 2012


Well after much packing and unpacking i finally had my bags together.  Had my passport, visa, shots. I had liquids and gels in TSA compliant amounts.  Took off for the airport well in advance of my take-off time. Very nice of my wife to not only drive me to the airport but to walk me to the security line as well. Leaving is bad but if there is a good side its that it makes me appreciate Mrs. Mice.

The flight to Frankfurt was long but on the upside we had those on demand in seat entertainment systems. I watched all of Aliens v Cowboys which was tolerable and most of Anonymous which was pretty cool. I slept some but I really was not keeping track of what time it was or what time it was in Frankfurt or what. I didn’t even have time to go to the restroom before I had to board my flight to Bengaluru. Though fewer hours in the air the second leg of the flight seemed much longer. Was it because there was no on -demand movies? Was it because I had less space to stretch my legs? I tried and succeeded in sleeping at least part of the time. We landed in Bangalore at 2am local time. Wow was still kinda warm and very muggy. Was very much like Florida weather. Our driver met us at the airport with a printed sign with our names. One hour drive and we were at our hotel.

It was clear when we arrived that this was a nice hotel. First thing when arriving an employee greets me with a warm Namaste. Ha ha so awesome. I feel very welcome. I must be in the right place.

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Monday, September 08, 2008
Hobble For The Cure

Long time readers know that for some strange reason I have donated to the Susan G. Komen fund in the past.

This year my sister and hero will be running and I thought I would run with her. Well, lets just say I will try and keep up. OK, its doubtful I will be able to keep up as she is in great shape. She is also a survivor. This is my awkward way of saying I love her and I am proud of her. She rocks.

Please consider supporting me in my run by donating a couple bucks to the Susan G. Komen fund. You can do so here.


This time no funny faces are required. But hey, I won’t say no to them either. I’ll never say no to them.

Two salty dogs

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
St. Joseph

I dug up the statue of St. Joseph that I buried at our house.

Green Tea Ice Cream House

The trouble is he lost his head. This upset me quite a bit. My father, who lent me the statue and should be upset was like St. Joseph is in Heaven, don’t worry about him.

I feel terrible. I’m sure there is some special punishment for me. As you can see the thing now looks like its fourth century. Anyway, this is the way of my life unintentional beheading of items of worship and devotion. Don’t trust me with your Bodhi tree, I’ll probably wind up chopping it down.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I haven’t said anything about this as I have been trying to keep this blog entertaining and about not so personal things. My sister has had a run in with Breast Cancer. I don’t know how appropriate it is to be writing about it in such an open forum but I did want to acknowledge this and not ignore it, or appear to ignore it.

So far so good. She has got through the operation like a super champ. She still must endure the Chemo and Radiation but everyone seems very upbeat and positive about this notion so I suppose I will be too.

I love my sister and I have been praying for her like an old spinster who goes to church every day. I hope it helps, there isn’t much else I can do.

A lot of praying going on here at Che’ Miceland, more than ever before. DJ Sobe Real and I have been praying for everyone before she goes to sleep. I know you all think (or maybe hope) I’m a heathen and I probably am but at least DJSBR will grow up with some sort of vestige of faith or ritual.

There are many other reasons for me to pray lately and I won’t mention them now. Suffice to say its not all scary stuff that you would not want to happen to anyone. Someone I love is hopefully going to have a little bubba to call their own and love and hug and squeeze and call George.

I hope your life is less eventful than mine, though no less happy.

More Later,

Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Swim a Portion of a Mile

Women’s Cancer Resource Center last weekend had a fund raiser called Swim a Mile

I was not able to swim an entire mile. I swam about one third of that but together with my fam we swam a little over 4 miles. It was very nice seeing them and afterwards we went to this fakey white person’s Vietnamese food that was OK but not nearly as good as the Pho I am used to near my work.

I didn’t contribute to Boobie-Thon this year. I don’t have a lot of money and I’m just not sure that looking at pictures of boobies is the way I should be contributing. Anyway I decided to contribute some of my Ebay winnings to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

If you would like to bid on some of my items they are here on Ebay. If not, that is OK too.

More later.

Monday, June 25, 2007
Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins answers the critics of his book and of his outspoken atheism.

I have not read this guys book, but I enjoyed the defense of his ideas.

It is lengthy but worth watching. No, I am not an atheist. But I rather fancy myself giving occasion to conflicting points of view here on miceland. Plus I like provocative writers and thinkers regardless. I think that questioning one’s own beliefs is critical to being an adult.

Thursday, June 07, 2007
A Car Koan

One of my friends wrote me:

My plates ran out at the last of April
My brakes started squealing (but still stops on a dime)
My rearview mirror fell off
My inspection ran out at the last of April

Who wants to ride to lunch with me?  :)


Still another wrote

Is it time for car woes Haiku?

My car was not new
It broke down on the highway
It might still be there


I thought I would be a smart a** and I wrote

I will see your haiku and raise you a Koan.

Not new
Not new-thing-ness
There is no mirror
It dropped off
There is no car
No possessions
The car has been left on top of the dime just next to the umbrella and the singing brakes

Near the dog barking mu.

Thank you.

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